Patient Stories

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BMUS is intended primarily to present prevalence, societal and economic cost data. However, users have expressed an interest in learning about how advances to date in science have led to the success of treatments and procedures.

In this section there are links to stories in which patients recount their experiences, illustrating how debilitating bone and joint disorders can be, but also how advances in science have led to remedies that mean they can get their mobility back and return to normal or more normal lives, at home, in the workplace, while relaxing, undertaking exercise, or any of the things they normally do during their day.

Further advances in science and evidence-based treatments are still needed to improve the treatment of people with musculoskeletal disorders, and to reduce costs (or…make them more accessible). 

A Nation in Motion: This campaign from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons contains hundreds of patient stories. You can find them by clicking on links to the region of the body that has been affected (ex. Leg, Foot & Ankle), or by topic areas (ex. Sports, Children, Pain).

OrthoInfo Patient Stories: This section of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website contains links to patient stories by population-type (ex. Children) and by condition (ex. Arthritis) and region of the body (ex. Neck & Back). And more stories can be read at The Faces of Orthopaedics.

Own The Bone Stories by patients who have osteoporosis and suffered fragility fractures.

Scoliosis: These stories are provided by the patients of members the Scoliosis Research Society.